vitamin A


All vitamins are shown as the vital force of action in our body. But vitamin A is especially for vision and epithelial tissue problems. It is fat-soluble which stored in the liver, and it is converted in the form of beta carotene and 3 other carotenoids. Carotenoid is present in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, and oils. Preformed Vitamin A is also called retinol, retinal and retinoic acid, and retinyl esters which present in animal products such as dairy, liver, fish, and others.

So many sources and benefits of vitamin A are given below:

Sources Of Vitamin A: 

It is naturally present in our foods such as beef liver, cod liver oil, Spanish, broccoli, carrot, mango, etc.  A dairy product such as yogurts, butter, milk, etc. It is improved our immunity and protects against any disease.

Benefits Of Vitamin A:

 Vitamin A plays an important role in our health. It is supporting cell grow immune function, fetal development, and vision. Its essential benefits are as follow:

Eye Problems:

An important role in eye side problems and eye health. It helps to maintain the cornea. Furthermore, It helps to protect the outermost layer of an eye, and also the thin membrane which covers the surface of the eye. An active form of vitamin A combining with protein to form rhodopsin, which is necessary for color vision and low light vision.

Skin Problems:

It helps to protect the skin’s dullness and damaging the skin and helps to maintain the surface tissues of the skin. It has to protect from sunburn. Provide antioxidant and glow the skin.  It is also used in acne problems retinol is a topical form of vitamin A which helps to treat acne damage type of skin.

Improved Immunity:

Vitamin A is the most important role as an anti inflammatory agent. It helps to the improved immune system, which supports the growth and distribution of T cells and white blood cells. These cells fight against the savior types of diseases, such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia, precancerous, and cancer states.

Maintain a reproductive system:

Vitamin A is a natural micronutrient throughout the life cycle. It supports form male and female reproduction and fetal development.

It helps in the transduction pathway regulating development in the active form of the retinoic acid receptor. In case an excess amount of vitamin A during embryonic development duration so it causes congenital malformation. And it is very harmful to fetal.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer:

The deficiency of vitamin A  may also cause an increase in the risk of cancer, especially lymphoma, lung, liver bladder cancer. Because of the decrease in the deficiency of the body defiance system, it enhances the cell mutation.


Vitamin A is necessary for our body. If we take an adequate amount of vitamin A in our daily routine, it may help us in body maintenance and reduce the risk factor for several diseases.

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