Breathing is the most important phenomenon in our body. In this process, inhale oxygen as a nutrient and exhale carbon dioxide as a by-product. Through the blood oxygen, transport in the whole body, which improves the body’s function. When oxygen lack, due to any reason, it creates severe disorders and also leads to death.

Yoga is a group of multiple exercises that help to improve mental, physical, and spiritual ability. With the help of daily yoga practices, you can improve the breathing rate and fitness level. Yoga is not only improving the breathing rate, but it also fights against respiratory disorder such as asthma.

Four Yoga Practices Which Improve Breathing Rate:

A part of who improve breathing rate the yoga is the best choice them. By the making of different physical poses, it can support the birthing system. To enhance your breathing system, the following are the four exercises that support it these are:


It is the relaxing yoga pose and focuses it on stress releaser and also improves breathing mechanism.  In the procedure of the sukasana, a person is seated in a cross leg position with a straight trunk. Right hand place it on your heart meanwhile, left hand place it on your bally. Then close your eyes, and take a deep breath in slowly, then let it out slowly and hold it for a few minutes.

Forward Banding:

This pose can help to open your chest. In the forward banding position, assesses the stretching of the back muscle, which improves the breathing and also relaxes the back muscles. For the forward banding position, a person first has to stand in an upright position with the feet apart. Then try to bend your body forward. If you want, you can bend your knees a little bit to relieve lower back strain. After this fold your elbow with another hand and take five deep breaths.

Side Banding:

This pose helps to open up the lung side and also stretch your side muscles. This position helps to stay your body in the figure. To make this position, stand with your feet widely apart. Then slowly bend to the right side and support the position with your right-hand place on the right hip, And left arm lift upward over the head. By holding this position, take slowly breath in and out twice the time. Make sure, before the positioning, you have to relax your breathing muscles such as a diaphragm.

Cobra Pose:

This position assesses to improve breathing and also stretch your abdomen muscle. For cobra pose, the first position is to lie on the stomach, head on the ground. Then try to up your body with the help of your hands, which are in contact with a flood at the shoulder level.  And maintain a position for up to 15 to 20 seconds and take deep breaths.


It is concluded that if the person enhances their physical activity daily. It will give multiple benefits like body fitness, maintain the body system, which is correlated and connected.

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