aerobic exercise


Exercise is an essential part of fitness. To stay physically fit person needs to perform exercises. Not only one exercise can improve your body fitness. Our body fitness allows different types of exercise to improve our health and stay completely fit.

For cardiac patients, aerobic exercise is one of the most beneficial exercises. By the aerobic exercise increase and improve blood circulation, cardiac output, reduces the risk of angina, diabetes type 2, enhance pulmonary function, and many more.

5 Essential Exercises For A Cardiac Patient:

Cardiac patients need to improve their heart health and physical activity also. The relationship between heart health and physical activity is directly proportional. It means that if the person works to improve their cardiovascular health by work out. It enhances his or her physical activity, physical fitness as well. Aerobic exercise is one of the best options to works on both the thing at one time.

Following are the 5 major aerobic exercise which helps in to enhance both the categories.

Brisk Walking:

For cardiovascular health, brisk walking is one of the essential types of aerobic exercise. In the brisk walk, the person walks either quick or slow. It depends on the person’s fitness ability and helps to increase the cardiac output, burn more calories, improve breathing rate, and many more. It is an easy exercise, can be performing by any age group.


Swimming is also a kind of resisted exercise because water resists the body to perform an exercise. In swimming heart increases the cardiac output. By increase, the heart rate, our body circulation is improved. During exercise, a person should not stop breathing. It means that cardiac patients avoid deep water swimming. Cardiac patients should also avoid vigorous exercises in the swimming pool. It may cause harmful effects on your heart.


Aerobic exercise bicycling is also essential for the cardiac patient. It is an easy way, low-impact exercise and can be performed by all age groups. For the cardiac patient, it enhances the cardiac output, improves breathing rate, improves the vital against the cardiac and other life treating diseases.

Jogging Or Running:

By aerobic exercise, the cardiac muscle becomes stronger and improves its function. In running or jogging exercises, our cardiac muscles work harder and faster because our body needs more oxygen due to it. It improves breathing rate, cardiac function, blood circulation, voluntary muscle activity. Furthermore, it may apply to your body according to your fitness ability.


By rowing, you can improve your physical fitness and cardiovascular as well. It is such an intensive workout, due to needing more energy heart pump more frequently to provide more nutrient to the muscle which needs.


A person should follow these exercises at least five days a week. It helps you to improve your health and fitness level and prevent you for the cardiac and other disease risk factor.

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