heart disease


Ischemic heart disease is also known as coronary heart disease and coronary artery disease. In ischemic heart disease, the coronary artery becomes narrowed and thicker wall because of this, the heart does not receive enough blood supply. By having this situation, the supply of nutrients and oxygen becomes compromised and creates severe problems.

In ischemic heart disease, the deposition of bad cholesterol such as LDL (low-density lipoprotein). Due to this deposition, the heart muscle becomes weaker and reduces heart function. This ischemic heart disease leads to severe angina (chest pain), arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), and heart attack.

Healthy Ways To Prevent Ischemic Heart Disease:

Ischemic heart disease takes some time to develop but went, it becomes severe and creates a major problem also. There are many ways to protect your heart from ischemic heart disease. Following are the ways to protect your heart.

Eat Healthy And Cholesterol Free Diet:

 Your body needs good food to eat. By eating good foods, you can protect your heart. You have to limit your unhealthy foodie things such as fried items, fatty dairy products, red meats, too much salt.

Get More Exercise:

Exercise is so beneficial for our body to stay fit and healthy. For cardiac patients, it becomes more important to improve their circulation. The most preferable exercise for cardiac patients is aerobic exercise. It helps your working heart rate and reduces fats by decrease the LDL level. The cardiac patient has to work out at least 150 minutes in a weak in a moderate intensity.

Stay Away From Obesity:

For ischemic heart patients is essential to stay away from obesity. Obesity is the silent killer for cardiac patients because the fat level increase in the body enhances the risk of a heart attack the best way to protect your heart from severe condition they have to manage their weight. Loss of your weight at least 5 to 10 % of your body weight will help you to decrease your LDL level.

Avoid Smoking:

Cigarettes contain a thousand of impure chemical stuff that damaging your heart. By every puff of tobacco, it makes your artery wall thicker and reduces their flexibility. For cardiac patients smoking more enhance their risk of getting a heart attack earlier. Quit smoking is not an easy task for a person but with different medication ad replacement. It may become quite easier.

Keep Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level:

Cardiac patients also have a high risk of diabetes type 2 diseases. When the person is suffering from both the disease, it becomes so difficult to handle it. Uncontrolled sugar level also damages arteries. That is why the cardiac patient has to control their sugar levels. It may manage high blood pressure and also control obesity.


In the world wild, ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death. But everything needs prevention and cures. If the cardiac patient follows the above five things, it may prevent the disease move toward severity.

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