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Every person must do exercises to stay healthy and fit. Although a person belongs to any age group, they can do work out according to their capability. For beginners, aerobic exercise is not an easy task to perform. Basically, aerobic exercise is a full-body exercise and essential for your good health and body fitness. It helps to reduce your excess weight, increase cardiac function, increase blood circulation, enhance your immunity, and improve your activity/ fitness also. There are so many aerobic exercises for beginners. Beginners have to do more work out to enhance their capability.

Aerobic Exercises For Beginners:

 For beginners, aerobic exercises are designed with low insensitive and stretching exercises to improve their speed and reduce your fatigue level. Before moving towards work out, it is important to do a warm-up and some basic stretching exercises to prepare your body for the exercise. It helps you to reduce the risk of injury and gives a better start to the exercise.

Following are the five easy aerobic exercises for beginners to enhance their fitness ability.

High Knee:

This exercise is much much resembled running. It is required a small space to perform so you can perform at home as well. The steps to follow to perform this exercise:

  • A Participant in a standing position with the arm at rest on the sides.
  • One by one, lift your alternating knees towards your chest.
  • Flex your elbow up to 90 degrees, and move your hand’s ups and down like a running style.

Squat Jumps:

This exercise is designed for the lower extremities. In this exercise, the bodyweight shifting toward the lower region, such as the buttock. The steps of this exercise are:

  • In starting shoulder are slightly parts, and make a fist with both the hands.
  • Band your knees lower like a squat position, then lift and jump.

Speed Skaters:

This exercise is belonging to the sideway movement of the body. It helps to enhance body shifting ability. To perform this exercise, the following steps are:

  • In starting position, participant move your lower limb diagonally behind to your body,
  • On the arm same sideband, and the second one straighten.
  • Continue the same procedure for the second lower limb.

Standing And Touch Alternating Toe:

In this aerobic exercise, a person can improve their arm and legs muscle. It is a kind of stretching exercise of both arms and legs. This exercise is based on these steps, such as:

  • A participant is in a standing position with the arm at the side and slightly apart.
  • Then lift the left-sided leg straight, spontaneously, lift the right-sided hand, then touch the toe. Then repeated the same procedure for other extremities.

Mountain Climbers:

It is working upon the primary muscle to stay a body in the figure. Because it is a high-intensity exercise, it needs more energy to perform. Following are the steps regarding this exercise:

  • A participant is in a high prank position with the shoulder is straight.
  • Bring your one knee towards the chest, and then quickly switch another knee toward the chest, then the first knee out.


Aerobic exercise is the best choice of exercise for every person. For beginners, the above five easy aerobic exercises, which are helping them to improve their fitness level, and also enhance their intensity.

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