coronary heart disease


Coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease is caused due to the deposition of plaque in the wall of the coronary artery. This plague deposition causes due to an increase in the cholesterol level in the body. Coronary artery disease decreases the diameter of the coronary artery. Due to which less supply oxygen and bold into the heart and make heart muscles weaker.

Coronary arteries function to supply the oxygenated blood and nutrient into the heart to stay proper work. when the arteries become narrowed, the heart function will be compromised. It may lead to a severe heart attack.

Diagnostic Tests:

 Chest pain (angina) and difficulties in physical activity are a symptom heart problem. You have to suggest the best cardiologist and share the symptoms with them. The cardiologist will ask some questions about your medical history may take some diagnostic tests to identify the problem. However, Some of the diagnostic tests are:

 Electrocardiogram (ECG):

This test records the electrical signal which travels through the heart.


An echocardiogram uses sound waves to produce your heart image. This test can easily determine which part is not working well.

Blood Test:

This test is used to find out the cholesterol level. It also uses to find out blood sugar (glucose) levels in your body.

Angiogram And Cardio Catheterization:

In this test, a catheter inserts in your artery or vein through your groin, neck, or arm toward your heart. Sometimes injecting dye through the catheter, which helps to see, a clear image of the heart.

Also, if the doctor some blockage during the test, uses a balloon to push the blockage part through the catheter and improve the blood flow to the coronary artery.

Exercise Stress Test:

Exercise stress test occurs during exercise. In this test, the patient is on a treadmill with the ECG or sometimes echo and identifies the heart working rate during exercise.

Nuclear Stress Test:

This test also occurs during exercise but adds ECG images to a recording. This test used to identify the heart muscle working and blood flow at rest and during exercise.


The treatment of coronary artery diseases is depending upon a patient’s lifestyle changes, certain drugs, and medical procedures.

Changing In Lifestyle:

By the change in lifestyle, it may reduce the risk of more damage to your heart. However, some of the lifestyle changes are;

  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce stress
  • Intake low-fat diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Maintain your weight

Medical Treatment (Drugs):

There are the verities of drug use to treat coronary artery disease, such as:

Cholesterol-modifying medications:

This type of medication helps to modify to reduce the bad cholesterol level in the coronary artery. These medications decrease the level of bad cholesterol, such as lipoprotein, LDL, etc.


Aspirin use as a blood thinner. By reducing the density of blood can prevent blood clotting and reduce arterial blockage.


Beta-blockers use in to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Moreover, It helps to decrease the need for oxygen by reducing blood pressure.

Calcium channel blockers:

Calcium channel blockers always use with beta-blockers. They are not given instant effect as alone that why both are recommended for chest pain patients.


Ranolazine is prescribed for angina (chest pain) patients. If Ranolazine prescribes with the beta-blocker, it may have become more effective.


These medications also prescribe for angina patients.

Surgical Procedure:

There are two surgical procedures are used in coronary heart disease.


In this surgery, insert the thin tube into the blockage artery. A wire with a deflated balloon passes through the thin wire and tries to dilate the area against the arterial wall. By this procedure, the artery becomes dilate, and medication can help to keep it open too.

Coronary Artery Bypasses Surgery:

This is also known as open-heart surgery. In this surgical procedure, change the blockage artery with another vessel to any part of the body. Bypass surgery is used for multiple narrowed coronary arteries.

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